Volunteer for the Battle Reenactment


The Columbia Greek Festival will be having an ancient battle reenactment at this year’s annual Greek Festival!

Volunteers are needed to be Greek and Persian Warriors


All props (costumes, armor, weapons, etc.) will be provided for you.

Bring your own sandals.  Some minor rehearsals may be required.

There will be no actual fighting, this is purely scripted acting!

The weapons are all fake, harmless, plastic, rubber, padded theater props.

There will not be any real combat striking!

It is a live performance to demonstrate how the tiny Greek defense forces, led by the indomitable Spartans were able to stop the massive invading Persian Empire from conquering and enslaving them.

The date of the performance is Saturday, September 22nd, 2018

If interested or for more information please contact:

Sandi Owen – (803) 873-2372

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral

www.ColumbiasGreekFestival.com         www.TheWarriorsofGreece.com

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